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About Thrively

Thrively helps your children discover and pursue their passions in life.

We do this by uncovering their unique strengths, and identifying those opportunities that are perfectly suited to them. Get personalized enriching activity recommendations. The activities will be a direct match to the talents uncovered in your child’s Strength Profile!

Thrively's scientists are pioneering comprehensive online strength assessment

We worked with California's leading pediatric neuropsychologists to develop our core taxonomy and algorithms.

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Thrively's unique strength assessment experience was developed by two of California's seven board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists. Get started today for free and uncover your child's hidden talents.

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Recommended Activities

Thrively features more than 100,000 activities from all over the country, and all of the activities that we recommend will be a direct fit for your children's unique strengths.

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Inspirational Videos

Our inspirational videos introduce a range of dynamic personalities and young achievers pursuing exciting goals and careers.

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