Building Student Agency

A comprehensive view of the 12,000 hours of a student’s learning journey captured in a multi-dimensional Digital Portfolio

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Capture a student's entire learning journey with our easy-to-use digital portfolios.


Get to know your students and let your students know you with a quick assessment. Understand what motivates them, their habits of mind, learning preferences, the strengths they bring to the classroom, as well as their interests outside of school.


Evidence of accomplishment and progress towards academic and personal goals demonstrating perseverance, growth-over-time, and outcome orientation are showcased through video, audio, imagery, and text files.


Artifacts of deeper learning experiences are captured in a slideshow documenting the process and products of the Project. Students are prompted to annotate artifacts to capture the story they tell.


Skill attainment, experiential learning, community service, and other mastery tasks are recognized through digital badging.

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