Unlock Your Students’ Potential

Thrively was founded on the core philosophy that every child deserves to thrive. We do that by identifying student strengths, understanding their well-being, and managing hope.

Build a 360-degree view of your students

Utilize Thrively’s full complement of assessments to better support the growth of every student with rich knowledge around their strengths, learning styles, and habits of mind.

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Cultivate positive student well-being

Access Thrively's Well-Being Index to build strong and healthy relationships with every student you serve. Students thrive when they feel seen, known, and heard.

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Instill hope in your learners

Hope is the primary predictor of academic success. Hope mediates anxiety in the brain and transforms all cognitive learning functions.

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Develop your students skills for success

Students build the full range of 21st century skills they need for success in the classroom and beyond.

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We equip you to know your learners

Information you need to know about your learners so you can become effective instructional leader

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    Build their self-efficacy & confidence

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    Ensure they are feeling & functioning well

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    Develop their purpose & drive to succeed

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    Grow their skills, goals, & accomplishments

We support systems you already have in place

  • MTSS

    Supports whole-child development, positive school culture, and social success.

  • PBIS

    Supports social competence and academic achievement, and reduce suspensions.

  • UDL

    Supports individual choice and autonomy, skill development, and strong habits.

Capture a holistic view of your students

  • Powerful Student Portfolio
  • Tracks 12,000 to 14,000 hours of student learning through their K-12 journey
  • One stop place to house assets, goals and accomplishments (badges)
  • Support for district ‘Graduate Portfolio’ initiative
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Digital Portfolio

Ana Escalante

I really like coding, making short animated films and, of course, dancing. While I may not become a professional dancer, I value all that being a dancer has taught me; I’m self-disciplined, focused, and persistent.


  • Academics
  • Creative Arts
  • Dance
  • Language


  • Animator
  • Choreographer
  • Computer Programmer

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