Self Awareness

Help kids discover their strengths, interests, aspirations, learning styles and character strengths.

  • Thrively Strength Assessment

    Discover students' strengths and interests with our proprietary 30-min assessment taken by more than 300k students!


    Identify each student's dominant learning styles with our Multiple Intelligences assessment.

Student Agency & Voice

Nurture self-aware students who own and celebrate their journey towards becoming innovative global citizens.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Capture a student's entire learning journey with our easy-to-use digital portfolios.

  • Creating + Tracking Goals

    Show every student how to achieve both academic and personal success by creating and tracking goals.

  • Reflections/Journals

    Review every student's learning moments, as expressed in video, audio and text journal entries.

Career and Interest Exploration

Help students build a vision for their future based on their strengths, interests and aspirations.

  • Pathways

    Help students explore potential career paths with inspirational videos and relevant activities.

  • Activities

    Inspire your students to participate in thousands of local after school programs, camps and events - based on their individual strengths and interests.

  • Sparks

    Ignite your student's curiosity with online resources that connect learning to specific interests.

  • RIASEC integration

    Unlock the world's largest database of career information based on your students' unique interest profiles.

Passion-Based Learning and Projects

Solve real-world problems, collaborate with other students and gain hands-on experience through project-based learning.

  • Projects

    Create student teams for design challenges, case studies and learning projects - facilitating collaboration, problem-solving and real-world connections.

  • Team Building

    Generate student groups based on their strengths, interests and aspirations to make collaborative learning easier.

  • Curated Playlists

    Energize your GATE, Social Emotional Learning, Career and College Readiness, STEM initiatives with curated lists of our most popular resources.

Skill Development

Help students develop Social and Emotional Skills, Life Skills, 4C's and College and Career Readiness.

  • Courses

    Allow your students to dive deeper into skills they need to develop, with online courses from Thrively partners.

  • Lessons

    Invite classroom engagement by browsing our extensive library of online lessons, covering social emotional learning, the 4 C's (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity), life skills, college and career readiness and more.

Parent Engagement and Participation

Increase the support of parents and caregivers along each student's Thrively learning journey.

  • Invite Parent

    Share student portfolios, learning reflections, project artifacts and more to engage parents and increase parent participation.

  • Strength Certificates

    Show each parent a strengths-based portrait of their child with our compelling student Strength Certificates.

  • Activity Recommendation Engine

    Align our recommended extracuricular activities with students' strengths and interests.

Class Insights (Analytics)

Personalize instruction, plan feature activities and more with detailed reports on your students' strengths, interests and aspirations.

  • Strength/Interest Breakdown

    Get detailed reporting by school, grade level, and class section to enhance your instructional planning.

  • Class Snapshot

    See your students' strengths, interests, and aspirations quickly with our at-a-glance Class Snapshot.

Classroom Management

Setting up your classroom roster and facilitating student participation has never been easier.

  • Class Dashboard

    Watch your students become the empowered learners they are meant to be by tracking their learning journey using our visual dashboard.

  • Manage Class/Section

    Easily manage your class rosters, create well-rounded project groups and update your information year after year.

3rd Party Integration

Keep your rosters updated by integrating with your existing student information systems.

  • Single Sign-Up

    Hassle-free registration with Google Classroom, Microsoft, Schoology, Otus, etc.