Habits of Mind

The 16 Habits of Mind highlight the ways a student approaches challenges.

The Details

The THOMAS Assessment helps students measure and develop the 16 most effective Habits of Mind needed to tackle complex problems under challenging conditions. In developing such Habits as persisting, thinking flexibly, and taking responsible risks, students become more skillful problem solvers who can apply their learning to the ever-more-complex world that awaits beyond the school walls.

The 16 Habits of Mind

The Science

The THOMAS Assessment was designed by Dr. Henry Toi in order to measure a person’s 16 Habits of Mind as identified by Dr. Bena Kallick and Dr. Arthur Costa through their groundbreaking, decades-long research on how humans successfully face challenges.

Highly Effective Problem Solvers

  • Empower students with powerful new approaches to problem solving
  • Engage students in self-reflection and metacognition
  • Activate student agency with deeper understanding and areas for growth