Strengths-Based Journey

Guide your students through a student-centered journey to increase their self-awareness, set goals and track progress, build skills, and learn real world problem solving.


Unlock the assets

Get to know your students and let your students know you with a quick assessment. Understand what motivates them, their habits of mind, learning preferences, the strengths they bring to the classroom, as well as their interests outside of school.

  • Strengths Breakdown

    Enhance your instructional planning with detailed reporting by school, grade level, and class section.

  • Class Snapshot

    See student strengths, interests, and aspirations quickly with our at-a-glance Class Snapshot.

  • Manage Class

    Easily manage your class rosters, create well-rounded project groups and update student information as needed.


Connect your students’ passion to their future

Students will discover where their strengths and interests intersect with Career Pathways through interest-based exploration, Sparks of diverse topics, and Activities matched to their unique profile.

  • Pathways

    Explore Career Pathway recommendations matched to individual strengths, interests, and skills.

  • Sparks

    Ignite each student's curiosity with online resources that connect learning to specific interests.

  • Activities

    Inspire your students to participate in hundreds of local after school programs, camps and events-based on their individual strengths and interests.


Develop social-emotional and other transferable life skills

Students can deepen their skill development across social-emotional, workforce readiness, and interpersonal skill areas to enable success both in and outside of the classroom.

  • Lessons

    Increase engagement through our extensive library of online lessons that allow students to internalize, practice, and apply skills in their lives.

  • Playlists

    Energize your GATE, Social Emotional Learning, Career and College Readiness, STEM initiatives with curated lists of our most popular resources.

  • Active Learning

    Projects, Sparks, and Activities provide opportunities for students to refine their skill development in an experiential learning environment.


Expose students to real world experiences

Real world problem-solving and work-based learning in a collaborative environment that requires students to use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to answer complex questions, develop innovative solutions, and build a portfolio of relevant experiential learning.

  • Projects

    Launch Project-based Learning with one of our interdisciplinary, standards-aligned Projects or build your own from scratch.

  • Team Building

    Build the skills necessary to work effectively in teams while collaborating with others throughout the Project.

  • Business Connections

    Experience work-based learning through a unique Project built in collaboration with industry partners.


Prepare your students for life

Students build the full range of 21st century skills they need for success in the classroom and beyond. Showcase their strengths, intelligences, habits, skills, passions, and experiences in a dynamic Digital Portfolio. Goals and Digital Badging mark achievements and milestones along the way.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Capture a student's entire learning journey showcasing their strengths, interests, aspirations, skills, and experiences throughout.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

    Set goals and track progress towards accomplishment. Capture highlights of progress milestones complete with annotations.

  • Digital Badging

    The world of micro-credentialing is brought to life for students. Mark achievements in skills, experiences, and employability.

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