Understand your students' blend of intelligences!

The Details

Based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the MIDAS assessment helps students to identify and understand the ways in which they best learn. Students can then work on improving their ability to effectively pick up new knowledge or consider career pathways that best fit their own personal profile. Such powerful information infuses students with deeper self-understanding and provides insights into how to best boost intellectual performance, career development, and personal satisfaction.

For teachers, the MIDAS assessment results will provide them with the opportunity to reach more students, more effectively. By teaching to each student’s dominant learning intelligences, educators will find students to be more productive, more receptive and more willing to engage in the learning process.

The Eight Intelligences

The Science

Developed in 1987 by acclaimed neuropsychologist Dr. C. Branton Shearer in partnership with Dr. Henry Toi, and utilized around the world, the MIDAS assessment has a gained a reputation as the gold standard for providing a richly detailed understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences.

Understanding How You Learn

  • Empower students with knowledge around how they best learn
  • Personalize instruction based on learning styles
  • Expose students to potential career pathways, connected to results
  • Activate student agency with vital self-knowledge