Every Child Deserves to Thrive

Thrively was founded on the core philosophy that every child deserves to thrive. We do that by identifying strengths, understanding well-being, and managing hope.

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We’re a strengths-based learning platform to develop the whole child

Unlock your students’ potential and increase overall classroom engagement by ensuring every learner is known, their well-being supported, and hope instilled.

We create the conditions for positive and growth-oriented student engagement


    Build their self-efficacy & confidence

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    Ensure they are feeling & functioning well

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  • HOPE

    Develop their purpose & drive to succeed

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Thrively is NOT another “Program”

We make all your other programs more effective

  • Universal screener for all students
  • Support for Tier-1 & Tier-2 students (MTSS, PBIS)
  • Powers your Graduate Portrait
  • Supports SEL and CTE initiatives
  • Enhance parent engagement

Thrively Advantage

  • We serve as a positive complement to your SIS data with student assets, wellbeing and hope data to impact student academic outcomes
  • Help improve school climate and culture
  • Equip teachers with all the information they need to know about their learners so they can become effective instructional leaders
  • Help foster strong teacher-student relationships
  • Develop deeper parent, business, and community involvement

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