Strengths Profile

Understand the personal strengths, interests, and aspirations of every student in your classroom!

The Details

The Strength Assessment is the foundation for your classroom’s Thrively experience. After completing the 80-question assessment, you and your students receive a personalized profile. The Strength Assessment measures students against 23 different strength factors. It also takes an inventory of your students’ career aspirations and their extracurricular interests.

Together, this information gives you and your students the guideposts for discovering true passion: an uplifting evaluation of each student’s innate strengths; motivating future career goals; and tangible interests that students can pursue to connect their present to their future. As a teacher, you’ve accepted the calling to educate the whole child and help students reach their full potential. With Thrively, you now have an online platform to help make it all happen!

The 23 Strengths

The Science

The Thrively Strengths Assessment has been developed by renowned pediatric and adolescent neuropsychologists, Dr. Jonine Biesman and Dr. Jayme Neiman-Kimel, and is based on decades of experience studying the mind and working with children.

The science behind the Thrively Strength Assessment is grounded in principles of life span development, strength-based research, the most current understanding of neural connectivity, the mechanisms of optimal brain functioning, motivational variables, as well as over forty years of combined assessment experience with thousands of children and adolescents.

A Strengths-Based Approach

  • Empower students by highlighting their unique blend of top strengths
  • Personalize instruction based on strengths, interests, and learning styles
  • Expose students to potential career pathways, connected to results
  • Activate student agency with vital self-knowledge