About Us

Every child has a genius. Every child deserves to thrive. At Thrively, we are guided by those two core beliefs. With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, we're helping kids reach their potential. We're helping parents understand their children better. We're helping teachers connect with their students on a more personal level. If you are passionate about adolescent development and inspired to use your strengths to make a difference, join Thrively today.


Thrively has attracted a growing community of educators across the country. Many of these amazing teachers have become advocates and ambassadors for Thrively – sharing their experience and knowledge across their schools and districts supporting students and teachers new to Thrively.

  • Patrick Dela Cruz

    A passionate educator who believes that every child is a genius and every child deserves to thrive. As a classroom teacher, Patrick discovered the tremendous impact student-centered learning has made for his students. The level of engagement, passion, and interest drives the learning experiences to new heights and really gives every student a sense of pride and purpose. Patrick continues to share his passion for personalized learning with a platform that focuses on students' strengths, interests, and aspirations. As Head of Classroom Engagement, Patrick gets to champion every child's inner genius and support educators all over the world on how their students can thrive with Thrively.

  • Julie Mori

    I’ve been teaching now for 37 years and I still LOVE it! Helping young people find their paths of learning, discover new things, collaborate and ideate solutions, not only empowers them to be “hackers” for what they want to learn, it gives me great satisfaction to joyfully learn with them.

    My experiences have been in education specifically in grades TK-8th. I’ve also enjoyed mentoring student teachers and helping with professional development for teachers at UCSD, USD, UCSM and presenting throughout CA, writing and earning several grants and Distinguished School Recognition. Each level of learner is fun and special. I’ve probably learned as much, if not more, from the people I’ve been able to meet through these experiences.

  • Stacey Lamb

    Stacey Lamb is the wife of an educator, the mother of two young adults, and an elementary school teacher who for 21 years has aimed to inspire the fire in children on a daily basis. Learners have changed tremendously over the past two decades which has created an exciting educational world of evolving ideas and concepts. Currently, she is working as a “Learning Experience Designer” for K-8th grade students at Design39Campus in San Diego where she collaborates daily to design authentic learning adventures on and off campus.

    She is also a Pioneer with “Education Reimagined,” connecting with schools around the country to encourage learner-centered environments that are personalized and relevant, open-walled, and focused on real world challenges. She introduces design thinking opportunities to other educators through conferences and trainings to help transform their own classrooms and is now working with Thrively to help students explore, discover, and strengthen their passions and interests.

  • Steve Riefman

    Steve Reifman is a National Board Certified elementary school teacher, author, and speaker in Santa Monica, CA. During his 23-year career, he has developed an approach that focuses on teaching the whole child and empowers students to succeed academically, build strong character, learn valuable work habits and social skills, and take charge of their health and wellness.

    Steve has written several resource books for educators and parents. He is also the creator of the award-winning Chase Manning Mystery Series for children 8-12 years of age. Each installment features a single-day, real-time thriller that takes place on an elementary school campus.

    For Teaching Tips, articles, and other valuable resources and strategies on teaching the whole child, visit www.stevereifman.com.

  • Nili Bartley

    During her twelve years in education, Nili Bartley has been invested in empowering students and teachers. She is a Certified BrainPOP Educator and by embracing 21st Century skills, her goal for students is to learn who they are and how they can make an impact.

    She has led professional development on blended and strength based learning, BrainPOP, as well as the SuperYouFUN Curriculum at conferences such as Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, the Natick Innovation and Learning Summit, as well as ISTE. After serving fourth and fifth graders for eleven years, Nili recently earned an Instructional Technology Certification and accepted the position of Technology Integration Specialist K-3 within the same district.

    Although Nili’s career has changed, her goal as an educator has not. Empowering students and teachers to have a voice and encouraging them to share who they are with the world will always be at the forefront of her initiative as both a teacher and leader.

  • Arin Kress

    Arin Kress is a 5th-grade teacher at Park Street Intermediate School in Grove City, Ohio. One of her passions is to inspire her students to seek out unique opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. She uses Thrively extensively to help her students discover their passions and develop their strengths. In 2016, she and her students created “Classroom Lyrics” to encourage others to use music to learn. You can find out more at www.classroomlyrics.com.

    Another main focus of her teaching is to encourage her students to be aware of the world beyond the classroom walls. She currently is a Skype Master Teacher, and in just over two school years, she and her students have connected with over seventy-five guest speakers and classes over Skype. In 2014, Arin attended the Flat Connections Conference in Sydney and visit hered “Global Classroom” students and co-teacher in Perth.