Social & Emotional Learning Activated

  • CASEL-aligned curriculum
  • Powerful Strengths Assessment builds self-awareness
  • Extensive ready-to-implement lesson library
  • Deeper engagement through reflection
  • Measurable outcomes and impact

Thrively SEL Framework

  • Self-understanding drawn from the multiple assessments leads to meaningful engagement around Social & Emotional Learning.

  • Rich library of CASEL-aligned lessons develop key SEL skills including empathy, gratitude, listening, self-control, teamwork, and reflection.

  • Students reflect on each new lesson, helping them identify emotions and become better attuned to their own strengths and challenges.

  • In digital portfolios, students set goals for themselves, build realistic action plans, and track progress.

  • Highly collaborative Project Tool connects students with real-world problems where they employ their newly-developed SEL skills in meaningful ways.

  • Digital bulletin boards provide students with local activities to further explore interests and build SEL skills.

SEL Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to SEL needs.

Schools across America are using Thrively


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