Workforce Readiness Redefined

From career exploration to workforce skill development, Thrively’s one-stop platform supports the complete range of CTE initiatives via a holistic, fully-integrated approach.

CTE Framework

Thrively develops ‘future ready’ students through personalized career exploration, authentic work-based learning, and employability skill development.

  • • Powerful assessments expose best-fit careers
  • • Comprehensive career pathways
  • • Priority sector exploration
  • • Ready-to-implement workforce skill lessons
  • • Authentic collaborative projects with industry partners

Authentic Preparation for the Real World

Support your students in developing self-advocacy and efficacy for future readiness.

Self Discovery

  • • Strength Assessment
  • • Multiple Intelligences
  • • Habits of Mind
  • • Interest Inventory

Career Exploration

  • • Day in the life videos
  • • O*NET data integration
  • • Industry priority sectors
  • • Local activities

Employability Skills

  • • Experiential learning
  • • Soft skill development
  • • Interview skills

Workforce Readiness

  • • Business connection projects
  • • Internships/job shadows
  • • Resume building
  • • Digital Portfolio

CTE Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to CTE needs.

Thrively Advantage

Thrively provides holistic development of the student by interconnecting various programs within the school.

Schools across America are using Thrively