Workforce Readiness Redefined

  • Large library of easy-to-implement workforce readiness lessons
  • Powerful assessments align students with best-fit careers
  • Over 500 career pathways, including focused priority sectors
  • Authentic collaborative projects with industry partners

Thrively CTE Framework

  • Rich understanding of strengths, multiple intelligences, and Holland Codes empowers students to determine best fit careers.

  • Hundreds of lessons cultivate flexible thinking, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and much more.

  • In digital portfolios, students set goals for themselves, build realistic action plans, and track progress.

  • 500+ career pathways for students to explore. Career recommendations based on strengths, interests, and aspirations.

  • Project-based learning and local business case studies push students to learn via problem solving and real-world experiences.

  • Digital bulletin boards provide students with local activities and internship opportunities to further explore interests and build real-world skills.

CTE Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to CTE needs.

Schools across America are using Thrively


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