Empower Our Youngest Learners

  • Strengths-based character development curriculum
  • Lessons build self-management and social skills
  • Engaging resources cultivate growth mindset
  • Intuitive tools support self-navigation

Thrively Early Childhood Framework

  • Essential character strengths understood and developed through interactive lessons and activities.

  • Scores of lessons build key SEL skills including empathy, gratitude, listening, self-control, teamwork, and reflection.

  • Youngest learners supported with read aloud, video/audio capture, and intuitive navigation.

  • Sparks are a teacher-curated collection of on-line resources and activities. Students broaden skills and explore interest-specific content

  • Standards-aligned projects engage students while building the 4Cs.

  • The process and products of project-based learning captured in digital portfolios.

Early Childhood Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to Empower Our Youngest needs.

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