Inspire the ‘Genius’ in Your GATE Students

  • Powerful Strengths Assessment builds self-awareness
  • Personalized learning supports deeper engagement
  • Lessons build essential interpersonal and life skills
  • Structured passion projects promote rigorous outcomes

Thrively GATE Framework

  • Exploration of student interests and passions starts with self-understanding drawn from the multiple assessments available.

  • Sparks are a carefully curated collection of engaging on-line resources. Students broaden their skills and explore interest-specific content.

  • Large library of online lessons address social & emotional learning, real-world skills, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, design thinking, life skills, leadership, and much more.

  • Genius Hour and Passion Projects are powered by lessons and projects that provide structure and guidance to students as they undertake individualized educational journeys.

  • In digital portfolios, students set goals for themselves, build realistic action plans, and track progress.

  • Digital bulletin boards provide students with local activities to further explore interests and build skills.

GATE Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to GATE needs.

Schools across America are using Thrively


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