Special Education

  • Powerful Strengths Assessment celebrates unique genius
  • 100s of lessons build executive functioning and social skills
  • Strengths-based IEP project develops self-advocacy and efficacy
  • Goal tracking offers unified lens for parents, school, and students

Thrively SPED Framework

  • Multiple assessments empower learners with rich self-knowledge.

  • Students explore their own strengths, document emotional responses, identify helpful supports, and set personal goals on a journey of self-advocacy.

  • Goals easily created through the IEP process and tracked by students and their full support team.

  • Engaging lessons develop full array of skills from social and emotional capacities to workforce readiness.

  • Frequent reflection and two-way communication between a student and his/her support team is easily reviewed by counselors, administrators, and parents.

  • 500+ career pathways to explore. Careers recommended to students based on strengths, interests, and aspirations.

SPED Learning Experiences

Thrively has created playlists tailored to SPED needs.

Schools across America are using Thrively


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